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Hello, welcome to the SPHEREINN, glad you're here.

My name is Dipankar bhuyan and the founder of SPHEREINN. I have been working in this field for almost seven years. We are a group of people  manufacturing these products from Japan & USA and selling it directly to you.

You're probably expecting a long professional-sounding paragraph about this company,  but this probably very tiny of that. I didn't have a big plan after graduating from college don't know what to do?  All I knew was that I had a passion for helping people and decided to create a product that has a  thoughtful effect on others ,so I contacted many suppliers from USA,JAPAN, and I got a few suppliers who agree to work with me. Then I just started my own warehouse in August 2015 situated in INDIA( Assam) 

SPHEREINN now working on RC CARS, that I am able to bring it to you and I hope that it will continue expanding. With the ups and downs of starting a company and still growing it all with my team, we learn something new every day. We really do our best to work on everything and to just make everyone happy and feel beautiful in our handmade products. I hope you like my pieces and maybe get some for your friends, family, or the best - yourself!


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Our Customer Service is at your complete disposal for any questions or concerns related to the Online Shop or online purchases feel free to contact us. We typically answer in within 24 hours.

Email- customer@sphereinn.com








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